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Technology and Quality

Harput Holding contributes with the production capacity of our country. It is aware of the importance of technology and quality management, within all the phases of the company management.

Harput Holding grows by following and putting the sector innovations into practice in all the companies within its body and by taking technology and quality to a position of institutional privilege. Harput Holding has created a network system via which the information flown among the companies is efficiently maintained. Thanks to this system which saves time, costs, energy and manpower the information traffic is maintained in maximum efficiency.

Production quality in our holding, regarding all of the companies using computer aided production applications, becomes one step ahead in technological means in use within the holding, thanks to the R&D studies being continuously carried out in the production sites.

By following the latest technological innovations and having investments made in accordance with them, concerned in not delaying the process of putting those innovations into practice, all the companies within our holding have joined the information era.

The ultimate goal of the companies within Harput Holding after having achieved international quality standards – thanks to the modern technologies put into practice–, is always the customers’ satisfaction.

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